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11th June 2016

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24th August 2012

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23rd August 2012

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29th March 2006

tropes2:03pm: Hey, does anyone want to take this comm over? I'm not really a member of HP anymore, and I'm looking to unload my HP comms.

Maybe you guys can kickstart it. :)

11th August 2004

flyingcarpet11:55pm: *pokes community*
Kinda quiet around here, eh? Well, I'm always willing to liven things up with a little self-promotion. I wrote some H/G smut, which is posted on erotic_elves here. Try it, you'll like it. *grins*

24th May 2004


ForeverCollapse )

19th April 2004

daisy_does7:42pm: FIC: Of the Stones of the Place
Title: Of the Stones of the Place
Author: Daisy
Email: daisy_often_does at yahoo.com
Rating: R (barely)
Word Count: ~1000
Pairing: Ginny/Harry
Note: voleuse's request from the Ginny Ficathon
Thanks to bowdlerized for the beta!

(Harry was sitting on a boulder by the lake)

18th March 2004

flyingcarpet9:25am: H/G Shipper Chat
Hey all!

I'm hosting an H/G shipper chat this Saturday at noon in the FA chatroom. It's open to all interested H/G shippers, and I hope to see you there.

We'll be discussing perceptions and stereotypes of the pairing, and the ways that H/G shippers do and don't fit those stereotypes, including fic that falls "outside the box" and the changing face of H/G after OotP. (topics which I think will be of interest to everyone here!)

For more information, and help accessing the chatroom, see my post here.

Hope to see you all there!
Current Mood: shippy

13th March 2004

flyingcarpet12:08pm: fic recs
Ever read a fic and think "wow, I wish I'd written that?" Well, I just did.

I just read two great fics by setissma, both short and a bit dark. I'm not much good at writing summaries, because I don't like to give anything away, but I just have to say OMG READ THESE.

Selling Secrets (I like this one a little bit better)



Cross-posted to my own journal.
Current Mood: impressed

10th March 2004

tropes11:42am: And yet more fic! "Nice Gryffindors Don't Do That"
copperbadge has an H/G drabble with a side of Pervy!Remus here. Definitely not for kids. Check it out! :)
Current Mood: busy

9th March 2004

tropes10:10pm: OMG, so much fic today!!
mmichelle wrote an angsty H/G drabble here!
Current Mood: angsty
tropes5:26pm: Fic!!!
legomymalfoy has posted a searingly hot H/G fic! It is NC-17, FYI. Go, read, review!
Current Mood: chipper

3rd March 2004

ladylisse9:00am: Meep?
Er. Hi? Have been asked to post this here.

So yeah. My first attempt at Harry/Ginny. G or PGish.Collapse )
Current Mood: meep?

3rd January 2004

ari_o6:02pm: The Complete List
Harry/Ginny porn
Rated NC-17, I suppose

21st November 2003

flyingcarpet1:22pm: I hesitated to post this here initially because I don't really know y'all, but I'm working on a new fic now and can use all the constructive criticism I can get on the older one, so I figured I'd give it a shot.

So first-- hello! Nice to meet you all, I'm Rebecca.

I have a medium-length H/G one-shot posted here, and I would love to hear your thoughts on it. This is not just a plea for reviews, but rather for help/crit/suggestions. As I said, I'm working on another fic and I'm trying to improve my writing.

a short snippet to entice you to readCollapse )

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

15th October 2003

dejaspirit10:13am: I wrote this Harry/Ginny ficlet under another name. I hope you enjoy it.

Red by Vivica Dawn, NC17Collapse )
Current Mood: artistic

20th September 2003

greenamber3:33pm: Me again. Sorry.
The beta-ed version of 'Cantus Inaequalis' is up here.

The sequel ficlet is up here. It's rated R for a reason.

Current Mood: cheerful

9th September 2003

greenamber7:21pm: First time poster here...
Hmm. Has been quiet around here.

Here's a link to an un beta-ed H/G ficlet: Here.

It's only my second piece of creative writing so far, so forgive me if it's not wonderful. I'm just practicing really. If people want, I'll link them to the beta-ed sequel ficlet.

It's all very confusing. :D

All comments are welcome. Seriously. All.
Current Mood: nervous

1st July 2003

significantowl12:27pm: Hello all.
I like H/G that is dark and creepy; I am currently in an Ootp-induced state of denial.

I only have one thing to offer you all:

Litany. pre-ootp, 451 words. Ginny's never been religious, but she's always been a believer.

FFnet link

FA link

29th June 2003

viola_dreamwalk11:04pm: This is a slightly older (pre-OotP) fic. But I'm still pretty fond of it, and thought it might make a good intro post...

Hand Me Downs. H/G. PG-13. Pre-OotP. Summary: 'Anybody here see the fuzzy-wuzzy loving cup explosion? I think we missed it.'Collapse )

27th June 2003

ladylisse9:39pm: Hey everyone. Hope no one minds me popping in here. :D Between irinaauthor's fics and lovely, terrific OotP!Ginny, I'm turning into a shipper. Oh dear.

In any case, here's some really bad art.Collapse )
Current Mood: creative
tropes12:02am: Admin Thinger.
Hey kids.

I'd really like it if we could try to disseminate the challenges as widely as possible. If you want to, I'd consider it a great favor if you'd post a little something linking back to the community or to the post on my personal journal about the challenge, on your personal journals. It seems like the best way to let everyone know that we exist, you know?

If you don't want to do it, that's fine, but I would really appreciate it if you're willing. :)
Current Mood: content

22nd June 2003

tropes3:46pm: Well. Wasn't that fun.

I'd just like to call you attention to a_vignette's sequel to Pumpkin Juice at the Taj Mahal, The World Needs Hero Offspring, on The Rehab Clinic. It's frickin hilarious.

Just a little something to help you deal with the general trauma that is fandom currently.


Current Mood: cranky

21st June 2003

tropes5:31pm: ATTENTION
I would very much like it if all of you could post a reply to this thread when you have finishe OOtP. I want to discuss the future of the ship with you, but am unwilling to spoil anyone.
Current Mood: determined
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