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It was one os those warn, sensual summer nights that sang of mystic beauty and noble loves reaching from the far corners of time.  It was late but it felt early. To Ginny, time stopped in the summer; when she was younger these mysitcal summer nights filled her with such a deep joy and excitement fr living she could barley contain herself.  She dreamed of what it would be like to share these night with someone special; to go dancing in the moonlit meadows and find unsurpassed beuaty with every glance in his eyes. Her very soul weeped at the thought of what could come to be, and she sat alone in the dark meadow on those nights, dreaming, feeling, and listening.

Ginny was now 16. Summer had just begun, snd those wonderful nights now were bittersweet for her.  She walked the paths alone, feelign stargely in tune with everything around her. She was alone.

A few weeks after school ended, Harry came to visit Ron.  She sisnt know what to do with herslef; she grew melancholoy on those nights now, which lingered in her shaded state of longing.  Ron and harry often played quidditch late into the night, and Ginny sat up in her room, watching with the windows wide open, feeling the gently breeze mocking her.  She sat in the dark with ony a candle. She always dressed up, but never left her room in the evening.  Dreaming was now making her heart hurt.

One night she had to feel it, the summer earth, the sparling wair, the way she used to feel. She put on her favorite flowing lavender sundress and ran into the night, hoping for anything to happen.  Walking alone, she broke down and started to sob.  Could no one love her? the fairies lulled her to sleep; they understood her pain of love, her solitude in beuaty.

The next day she awoke to Ron and Harry peering over her. "Gin, good gracious.!" roared Ron. "What are you doing??" He looked annoyed.Harry was grinning.

"I always wanted to fall asleep in the grass in the summer, looking at the stars." Harry said. They gazed at each other.

"Really?" Ginny asked. He didnt look away.

"GIN!" cried Mrs. Weasley. Where are you?"

Ginny raced upstairs to change before her mother saw her. When she came back down, Harry was explaining for her. "She was stargazing, Mrs. Weasley." Harry expianed. Not need to get upset."  Mrs. Weasley melted. "Oh, ok dear. Gin, make breakfast!"


Ginny was in her room, brushing her hair. She wanted to go out and feel the night, ask it questions, listen to its soft lullaby.  She walked quietly down the stairs, not wanting to disturb anyone.  She walke din the garden, and when she got to the stop where she had fallen asleep the night before. Sitting there, looking up, was Harry. Ginny gasped and didnt know what to do with herself.  Suddenly, Harry turned.

"There you are." He said. "I've been waiting." He smiled.

"You have? How long?" Asked Ginny, completely overwhelmed.

Harry looked at her, his gaze intense, overwhelming, loving. "Forever."

hi, im new. constructive criticism greatly appreciated.

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