The Psych Ward

Last stop on the way to Rehab...

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We're here, we like good H/G, and we're not afraid to write it.

The Psych Ward

This community is was created as a sister community to The Rehab Clinic, ari_o's solution to a basic problem that many of us Harry Potter fans must face day in and day out: Harry/Ginny fanfic, with a few notable exceptions, sucks donkey balls.

And so. We here at The Psych Ward would like to express our undying devotion to the production of truly fantastic angst/gen/romance/smut/meta/WHATEVER H/G fics by providing a place for you, simply the cleverest and most talented fandom ever, to post and review ficlets. We will be issuing challenges occasionally, and we invite everyone to join along in the fun. We can't revolutionize an entire fandom by ourselves, you know.

This community was conceived, created, and is maintained by muffinbutt. A debt of thanks is owed to ari_o for permission to link The Psych Ward to The Rehab Clinic.

Please, refer to the Ground Rules before posting.